Gear Applications

Worker's Vest

Extremely hot environments such as steel factories and construction sites in desert climates require workers to stay cool and protect themselves from the heat. Worker’s vest is therefore designed with icepacks inside and thermal insulation layer on the outside to keep the exterior heat away from the body. roVa Flex is used as the inner lining of the worker’s vest because it provides excellent thermal insulation and is flexible and soft enough for free movement. Other insulations are not suited for this task as they are bulky and hinder the worker’s movement.


roVa Flex and roVa Guard not only provide superb thermal insulation but are also very flexible and soft, making them ideal for inner linings in garments and gears. Gloves that require thermal insulation are often required in factories where workers must handle or are constantly exposed to hot materials. A steel factory is one such place, and gloves must withstand extreme heat. roVa Flex and roVa Guard are used as part of the insulation layer inside the gloves to provide thermal insulation as well as to preserve agility of the hand and fingers.


Taking on a challenge with the finest equipment starts with holding the grip. roVa Flex enhances that experience by insulating your hand from directly feeling the cold metal frame. roVa Flex is so flexible that it will wrap around any contour and stay intact, unlike conventional hard insulation blocks. With roVa Flex enhanced grips, you can aim with ease and stay focused on the target as you firm your grip to take that first shot.