Electronics Solutions

Hot Spot in Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are becoming more advanced, and as they do more work at a faster pace, their efficiency and operating temperatures go up. These hot spots in modern-day electronic devices are a major concern, as they reach dangerously high temperatures and affect surrounding parts.

Thermodynamics Modelling

Thermal behavior at various temperatures and working conditions must be checked to ensure proper operation. However, this is not physically possible as the number of tests needed far exceeds what’s humanly possible.

Therefore, we, at roVa, have developed thermodynamics models for our products and apply these models to the working conditions of the electronic devices to accurately simulate the thermal behavior at various operating conditions. The model and simulation results are validated against real physical test results at specific operating points to ensure accuracy. 

Hot Spot Suppression

roVa Flex and roVa Guard can suppress hot spot temperatures with their superb insulation properties while maintaining a very thin profile. Their flexibility also allows roVa Flex and roVa Guard to conform to uneven and irregular surfaces, attach easily, and stay intact.

Moreover, they are extremely light, which makes them perfect for portable devices and electric vehicles. They are also hydrophobic and will not absorb moisture, another key advantage of using them in electronic devices.