EV Battery

roVa Guard and roVa Guard FR provide thermal protection for EV batteries where space is very limited and weight is a crucial factor. EV Batteries are also vulnerable to cold weather as it greatly reduces capacity and maximum output. With roVa Guard, EV batteries are insulated from cold outside temperatures, allowing them to operate at their maximum performance level. With a thickness range of 8mm down to 1mm and below, roVa Guard products provide thermal heat and cold insulation through all seasons and all climates.

Battery Case

Battery cases for EV batteries protect the batteries from outside physical stress. roVa Guard and roVa Guard FR provide protection from thermal stress and fire, both from outside as well as from inside between battery modules. Slowing down the spread of thermal stress and fire from one module compartment to the next will extend the golden time for passengers to escape during emergency situations.

Portable Battery Pack

Portable battery packs are more vulnerable to outside thermal conditions because the battery casing is compact and docking areas in charging stations and vehicles are poorly insulated to allow easy access and removal of the portable battery pack. roVa Guard and roVa Guard FR provide thermal and fire protection while keeping the battery pack light and compact and docking area design change to a minimum.

Battery pack

roVa Guard and roVa Guard FR provide thermal insulation and fire resistance between modules and cells inside the battery pack for added protection during thermal runaway situations. In addition, roVa Guard insulates heat from PMS from affecting adjacent battery packs, preventing dangerous scenarios. This is possible due to roVa Guard‘s extremely thin profile that can fit within the tight space between PMS and battery pack.

Energy Storage Systems

As ESS capacity grows, so does the thermal energy density of the ESS racks containing the battery modules. Also, ESS installations in mountainous regions and coastal lines are exposed to large temperature and humidity swings and risk damage from condensation which degrades electrical performance and can lead to short circuits and subsequent fires. Such potential for accidents is especially prone in fan-based air-cooling battery modules.

roVa Guard and roVa Guard FR provide excellent thermal insulation to prevent condensation and also provide fire resistance to protect and slow down the spread of fire between battery modules.