Aerogel Insulation Coating

Top Coating

roVa Shield Aerogel Top Coating 4L white

The Ultimate Aerogel Insulation Coating.
Now, Top It Off with Color!

Top Coating

roVa Shield Aerogel Top Coating offers a finishing option on top of roVa Shield Aerogel Insulation Coating. Both roVa Shield Green and roVa Shield Black have a soft surface when fully dried. This soft cushiony surface causes ordinary paint and top coating to crack when applied on top and limits them to those that can withstand the softness. roVa Shield Aerogel Top Coating is guaranteed to stay on without cracking. It has an eggshell finish and comes in six basic colors.

Technical Features
Category Feature
Coating Type Water-based Acrylic
Color White, Mint, Pink, Lemon, Grey, Skyblue
Size 1L
(1.06 Quart)
Density 0.8 g/cm3
Viscosity 5,500 ~ 6,500 cPs
VOCs 1.7 g/L
Application Method Brush, Roller, Air Sprayer
Theoretical coverage 7.2 ~ 7.6 m2/L (80 μm thickness)
77 sq.ft./quart (0.003″ thickness)
Dry to touch time 20 min (25°C, 77°F, Brush)
Cure time 24 hours (25°C, 77°F, Brush, 80 μm, 0.003″ thickness)
Application Temperature 10 ~ 40°C
50 ~ 104°F