Aerogel Insulation Coating

How to Apply

1. Check working condition (Temperature, Weather)

2. Prepare paint tools (coating, brush, roller, tape) and safety gear (mask, gloves)

3. Remove any debris, rust, or mold from surface to paint. If surface is damp or moist, allow sufficient time to fully dry

4. Mark edges with painter’s tape

5. Apply primer if necessary. Primer is recommended for very smooth surfaces (metal, plastic, and ceramic)

6. Open roVa Shield and using an appropriate tool, stir or mix for 3~5 minutes

7. Apply using brush, roller, or sprayer

8. After applying the first coat, allow 4 hours for the painted area to dry before applying the next coat

repeat steps 7 and 8 until thickness meets recommendation (1mm, 0.04”)
Apply at least 1mm, 0.04” for areas with serious condensation problems

9. After applying additional coats, allow 24 hours to cure

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Aerogel Insulation Coating

How to Mix

After opening roVa Shield, mixing with a mixing stick is usually sufficient. But for products that have been sitting on the shelf for a long time, we recommend using a mixing rod attached to a power tool.

If the coating appears separated, i.e. thick white coating on top and watery coating on the bottom, sufficient mixing will return the coating to normal. This occurs over time due to the super hydrophobic aerogel ingredient.

In the video, we use a mixing rod attached to a power drill to mix the thickest version of roVa Shield that has been on the shelf for more than 3 months.

Please contact us if you need assistance or have questions.

Aerogel Insulation Coating

Recommended Application Areas

Aerogel Insulation Coating


1. Can I dilute or add water?

No. Do NOT add water.
Adding water may create application problems and degrade insulation performance. Please use as is, unless specified.
For spraying roVa shield, follow dilution guidelines.


2. What is the coverage for a 4-liter bucket?

At 1mm thickness, 1 gallon (4 L) will cover 28 square ft., or 2.7 square meters.

3. How many coats should I apply?

Normally, 3~4 coats are recommended for a thickness of 1mm (0.04”) if applied with brush or roller.

4. Can I apply on top of wallpaper?

When applied on top of wallpaper, wallpaper may detach from the wall and decrease insulation performance. Removing wallpaper is recommended before applying roVa Shield.

5. After applying roVa Shield, can I cover with wallpaper or coat with colored paint on top?

After applying roVa Shield, various finishing layers may be applied on top, including wallpaper.
For applying colored paint as a topcoat, roVa Shield TopCoat is recommended. Please inquire regarding topcoat compatibility.


6. Can I apply on rooftop or exterior walls?

roVa Shield is for interior use only. To apply on rooftops or exterior walls, a topcoat must be applied. roVa Shield SR may be used as a topcoat for exterior walls and rooftops.
Please inquire regarding topcoat compatibility.


7. Can I add color?

Yes, you may add color to roVa Shield at a nearby paint shop.

8. How long does it take to fully dry?

It depends on the working atmosphere. At room temperature, it takes 24 hours to fully cure.

9. After applying, how long does the insulation performance last?

roVa Shield’s insulation performance is semi-permanent, as long as the applied surface is not physically damaged.

10. When applying, does it give off bad order or dangerous chemicals?

roVa Shield is a water-based coating and does not contain dangerous chemicals. Therefore it does not give off bad order or dangerous chemicals. All roVa Shield products have extremely low VOCs (below 1g/L). When applying, repeated hard brush strokes may cause white powder to come off. This is aerogel, the main performance ingredient of roVa Shield, and it is harmless according to FDA studies. Please inquire for additional information.

Aerogel Insulation Coating


Product Preparation

• Do not add water or other additives.
Store at room temperature (10 ~ 30°C), avoiding direct contact with sunlight or fire.
• Keep the product sealed before and after use.
• Mix the product for 3~5 minutes to evenly disperse ingredients.
• Avoid direct contact with the eye or skin. 
• Read GHS-MSDS for your own safety.

Product Application

• Avoid applying in a humid (humidity over 85%) or cold (10°C or lower) environment.
• Ventilate the area when applying and drying the product.
• Wear safety equipment at all times and keep application surface clean.
• If the surface is cement or concrete, slightly wet the
surface before applying the coating. If the surface is stainless
steel or plastic, apply primer before applying the product.

• Avoid direct contact with water before the coated surface is fully dried.
• Overly hard repeated strokes (using either brush or roller) may make applying the next coat difficult. Please take caution.

Post Product Application

• Clean equipment with water after application.
• Store used product at room temperature.
• Contact your local authority for information on waste disposal.

Aerogel Hydrophobic Coating

How to Apply

1. Shake well before each use

2. Pull trigger and glide over target area as you spray to evenly coat surface. Concentrating on one spot may cause coating to drip.

3. Allow 10 minutes to dry off.

4. When completely dry, white aerogel frost on surface will exhibit super hydrophobic performance.

5. Reapply as necessary.

roVa YouTube channel.