Aerogel Insulatoin Padding


Inheriting the super hydrophobicity of aerogel,
it is also super hydrophobic,
yet breathable,
and resistant to moisture and water.


Non-woven mat is infused
with a soft aerogel compound.
It stay light and rigid,
but when on tries to bend,
it becomes very flexible for easy handling.


With density of only 0.07 ~ 0.10g/cm3,
it is lighter than water!


With a thickness between 3mm and 10mm,
it boasts a very thin profile.


roVa Guard has a thermal conductivity of 0.028W/mk, which makes it an excellent insulation for buildings, equipment, and outdoor gears.

roVa Guard is an aerogel padding that provides affordable aerogel insulation in a mat form factor.


Along with thermal insulation, roVa Guard exhibits excellent sound insulation, a distinctive feature of aerogel.

This makes it an ideal choice for aviation, locomotive, and automotive industries, as well as modern architectural buildings.

Easy Application

Flexible and light, roVa Guard is easy to wrap around a pipe.
Adhesives can be used for a more secure fit.

Wide Temperature Range

With an operating temperature of -100°C to 120°C (-148°F to 248°F), roVa Guard is suitable for most daily uses.