Aerogel Insulation Padding


Inheriting the super hydrophobicity of aerogel,
it is also super hydrophobic,
yet breathable,
and resistant to moisture and water.


Non-woven mat is infused
with a soft aerogel compound.
It stays light and rigid,
but when one tries to bend,
it becomes very flexible for easy handling.


With density of only 0.07 ~ 0.10g/cm3,
it is lighter than water!


With a thickness between 1mm and 10mm,
it boasts a very thin profile.


roVa Guard has a thermal conductivity of 0.028W/mk, which makes it an excellent insulation for buildings, equipment, and outdoor gears.

roVa Guard is an aerogel padding that provides affordable aerogel insulation in a mat form factor.


Along with thermal insulation, roVa Guard exhibits excellent sound insulation, a distinctive feature of aerogel.

This makes it an ideal choice for aviation, locomotive, and automotive industries, as well as modern architectural buildings.

Technical Features
Category Feature
Base Material PET Non-woven mat
Color White
Thickness 1~10 mm (0.04″ ~ 0.39″)
Density 0.07 ~ 0.10 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 0.028 ~ 0.030W/m·k
Operation Temperature -100 ~ 120°C (instant max 150°C)
-148 ~ 248°F (instant max 302°F)
Water Resistance Super Hydrophobic
Sound Absorption 0.8 @ 2,000Hz (8mm)

No Hazardous Substances

roVa Guard is RoHS compliant based on the European Union's Directive 2011/65/EU, the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) and amendment 2015/863 to Annex II.

Easy Application

Flexible and light, roVa Guard is easy to wrap around a pipe.
Adhesives can be used for a more secure fit.

Wide Temperature Range

With an operating temperature of -100°C to 150°C (-148°F to 302°F), roVa Guard is suitable for most daily uses.